The Right Gear Oil Can Make a Big Difference: An Example from the Textile Industry

Even in the textile industry, the right gear oil can make or break manufacturing operations. This is especially so in India, where the age-old sector is poised to boom in the next five years: the sector is expected to almost double from US$150 billion to US$250 billion by 2019.

As the industry increasingly deploys machinery and cutting-edge technologies, the need for dependable lubricants grows, as the product is integral to keeping machines running smoothly and maximizing productivity and profitability. The gearbox is the heart of the textile machinery and the right gear oil is vital in extending the oil drain interval and delivering top-notch performance.

A good gear oil can:

  • Help extend oil drain intervals

  • Improve a machine’s energy efficiency

  • Reduce costs and labor required

  • Be more environmentally friendly by reducing amount of waste generated

Tamil Nadu-based textile company Shiva Texyarn, one of India’s leading manufacturers of yarns, fabrics, and textiles saw the value of investing in lubrication technology first-hand, leveraging more advanced technologies to help extend the oil drain intervals and give them a competitive edge – all while being more sustainable.

The company turned to ExxonMobil’s Mobil Serv Engineering Services team to analyze their processes and evaluate the best lubrication solution moving forward. The Mobil Serv team recommended using Mobil SHC Elite 150 gear oil across its 36 Comber LK64 machines. The oil is engineered to deliver outstanding thermal/oxidation stability that provides up to two times the oil life versus other synthetic gear and circulating oils, reducing maintenance downtime. It has excellent resistance to rust and corrosion, good anti-wear properties, demulsibility, foam control and air release and excellent seal compatibility.

By switching to Mobil SHC Elite 150, the textile manufacturer was able to:

  • More than double the oil drain interval from 7,000 hours to 15,998 hours

  • Eliminate the disposal of four liters of used lubricant for every oil drain save

  • Enhance safety by reducing exposure by three hours for every oil change

  • Minimize wear elements

  • Save Shiva Texyarn 140,000 rupees

Do you have any similar experiences in your operation or your customer’s operation? If so, please share in the comments section below!